The Missing Link – Destiny Tuning

law of attraction missing link

The Law of Attraction’s missing link, Destiny Tuning, tells us as that whatever you think – be it positive or negative – the Universe treats it at par and creates an equivalent quantity of energy in return. It’s the same as the law of action & reaction.
Thinking about your anxieties and saying things like, ‘I do not need that’, is almost surely going to result in those emotional thoughts becoming a reality. Cosmic energy is literal and it does NOT comprehend ‘I do not need’. It just generates consequences according to the energy formed by your ideas. Hence, your results will be negative if you are creating energy that is negative (than favorable).

Your Subconscious guides your life

Essentially, individuals are born worriers. It takes consistent effort to develop the habit of gratitude, positivity & optimism.
Care is a survival matter designed to help us steer clear of the dangers of life. But enabling them to control our ideas and being aware of our anxieties are two different matters.

Turning your emotions from negative to positive is the REAL secret.
Your subconscious thoughts belong to you alone. They are able to be your slave or your faithful servants, whichever you permit them to be.

• You have complete control to make your own choice
• Only you can establish the route which your ideas require

Understanding the best way to control your thoughts is the way to mastering yourself and your life.

Phrases like, ‘I’m the master of my own destiny’ will place you on the path (of life) that is correct.
Repeat these words with full conviction and, moreover, have beliefs and accept them as authentic. Ultimately it is going to make them real. Whenever you happen to be confronted with misgivings and anxieties, command your ideas and keep the positive energy.
All you’ve got to do is to ask intelligently and specifically & the Universe will provide it to you. Certainly it’d be like a fantasy come true. But only because it seems like a dream does not mean it cannot come true. That’s a mistake that most people make. They can’t comprehend simple things. You please don’t fall in that trap. It is easy. It works. Just do!

Ask as if you own it

Understanding what to ask for and the way to ask is the key. It’s possible for you to ask for what you may need, but remember, asking for a fresh motor vehicle when what you actually need is a Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder, means you will not be contented with any other vehicle. And what is more is that, just saying, ‘I need a Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder’ and going about your life as ever before will NOT get it for you. You will have to take the right action to achieve your dreams.
You should focus all your mental energy in getting the car, visualize yourself driving it and really have rock solid self-belief and self-esteem. It will help you dreams become a reality.

Thus, asking for what you need is only the first phase in the Law of Attraction. Acting and feeling as though you have already received it’s the second. And considering you deserve it’s the third.
Rest assured you will not get one if somewhere deep down within you believe you do not deserve a new Lamborghini.

Positive energy is THE lone way to get outcomes that are favorable. And favorable ideas only produce positive energy.

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